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American as Apple Pie.

Te-Ata (aka Bearer Of The Morning) - Chickasaw - circa 1930

Skull, found in France, with a knife still embedded it it.  The skull belonged to a Roman solider who died during the Gallic Wars, ca. 52BC. It was on display at the Museo Rocsen in Argentina.  

A quick apology

  Recently I was contracted to make 50 bushcraft knives for a small life style company ( I know, I’m a sellout), This originally was something I was really excited about. However, for the last 3 months my forge and life have revolved around the myriad of “oh shit” moments that have made up me making less than half of these blades. Late shipments, failed heat treats, injuries, machinery breaking…you name it, it’s probably happened.

Keep in mind, White Wolf Forge is a one man operation (although I have the help of a few close friends from time to time and I’m very thankful for it), I work full time, and I’m dealing with the rabbit hole which is my next semester of school.

So I guess what I’m getting at is this; my blog has been sad, I haven’t posted any original content lately, I still have GAW knives to ship, I haven’t been able to get back to your guy’s questions, and I’m sorry.

So heres to balancing shit out, running a better blog, not being so bummed, and spending more under tall trees.